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Artistic, adventurous, and colorful describes KID CHANNON (CHristian TANNer HudsON), whose stage name is contrived from his first, middle and last name combined. By the age of 7 years young, when most kids his age were outside playing, he was putting a pen to the paper, writing down thoughts for his first song. That craft would play heavily into the mindset of his debut single, Survive,” and first album release titled, WRITTEN SILENCE.

The album is a collaboration of  cross-pollinated brands of alternative/pop/emo rap  inspired by the sounds of his musical influences,  actor/rapper Jaden Smith, singer/songwriter Jon Bellion, and pop-star Justin Bieber, all wrapped in one. KC (often compared to Australian rapper Kid Laroi) describes his theme-based songs as a portrayal of “all the things I wanted to say but couldn’t say out loud.”

On “Survive,” the bond between producer Try Bishop and Kid Channon became apparent when the lyrics literally fell out the sky in less than 10 minutes after laying down the track.

“Take, all you ever do is take. Break, just can’t seem to get a break. A, oh how you let my heart ache. Wait, you told me that you’ll wait …”

 And I just can’t survive on my own. Out in the jungle. I just can’t survive on my own. Out in the jungle. I just can’t survive, survive, I just can’t survive, survive, I just can’t survive, survive, …”

“Love is deep. It can fill your heart up, or break it into a lot of little pieces,” admits the prolific songwriter.

WRITTEN SILENCE introduces Kid Channon’s talents in songwriting and as a gifted musician on tracks that include: “After Dark,” (lead guitarist), where he breaks his silence with expressive and passionate moods, flowing through melodies and transparent lyrics that reminisces in despair about the break-up of a double-dealing love gone bad by a former girlfriend who cheated on him,  and “Drive Me Insane,” both self-penned by KC.

The bouncy-flavored “Wildfire,” gives insight into his love for a former girlfriend.

I tried to calm the flames to protect you. It’s getting too hot in this damn room. We was to the grave like a tattoo, now i’m yelling out your name like a damn fool. I can’t understand you girl no I can’t do this. Take my hand girl I’m so stupid for your love still.

 “Love is a wildfire burnin’ tonight/ hope it don’t go out when you with me. Love is a wildfire burnin’ tonight/ hope it don’t go out when you with me. Love is a wildfire burnin’ tonight, hope it don’t go out when you with me.”

 The 19-year-old Atlanta-based singer (by way of the DMV), was raised by both parents whose careers as government contractors and entrepreneurs set the tone for Kid Channon and his 2 siblings to explore life, with a primary focus on education. 

By the age of just 4, the multi-talented and venturesome kid was already stringing on acoustic and electric guitar, skiing down the Colorado slopes, discovering the peaceful nature of the mountains, or concentrating on his first love – drawing.  “I can draw just about anything, from cartoon characters to skyline buildings”, says Kid Channon, revealing his vision of one day becoming an architect.   

But his dream of sketching images switched gears while watching his older brother blow on a single-reed woodwind saxophone during a presentation at Benjamin D. Foulois Creative and Performing Arts Academy in Maryland where they both attended. That performance triggered Kid Channon’s desire to pursue his career in writing and dropping melodic hooks on songs to fulfill, yet, another passion, as a recording artist.

Unreserved, inking down his emotions, and training in voice lessons in preparation of his new release, Kid Channon is adamant about focusing his time on sculpting his skills as a recording artist to deliver a collaboration of songs with meaning. Under the direction of award-winning producer Christopher Starr, President & CEO of CSP Music Group and producer Try Bishop his vision of assuring fans that “all the things he wanted to say,” are cemented in his music.

When KC is not stringing on guitar, or spitting out his feelings, his time is spent zoomed in on campus at Life University (GA), studying in sports medicine to become a trained chiropractor. A solid profile for a young man still in his teens.h

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